2XL brings air combat to line drawing in Fleet Defense

Flight Control but where you shoot 'em down

2XL brings air combat to line drawing in Fleet Defense
| 2XL Fleet Defense

When it comes to App Store memes, in recent months we've seen a move away from line drawing games to zombies and Christmas.

Wonder who will have the first Christmas zombie game out?

But like the undead, line drawing games will be always be resurrected, and so after impressing with its offroad racing games, US developer 2XL Games has taken up the challenge with 2XL Fleet Defense.

The premise is simple. You have to protect your carrier as it steams around, assailed on all side by fighters, bombers, and torpedo attack boats.

You have to tap the enemies to get your F-35 to shoot them down, while the carrier's close-in Phalanx weapon system works as a smart bomb to clear the screen when all else fails.

As ever the fun and replayability of the game comes thanks to the total score, overall time played and enemy kill count, and the global leaderboard. There are also achievements so you can track your progress from newbie to fleet admiral.

You can check out how it works in the following video.

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2XL Fleet Defense is out now, priced $1.99, €1.59 or $1.19. Hit the App Store button for take-off.