2XL ATV Offroad goes Lite and offers real-world prizes

Coupons, events and promotions up for grabs

2XL ATV Offroad goes Lite and offers real-world prizes
| 2XL ATV Offroad

Fancy a quick splash around in the dirt that would rival the weekly mudpack night you keep a secret from friends and family?

No doubt keen to make sure gamers don't miss out on 2XL ATV Offroad – a game so caked in the muddy stuff our very own Tracy had to review it in the shower – developer 2XL Games has decided to drop a Lite version onto the App Store, giving even those strapped for cash a way to take to the track.

Free with rewards

But this isn't just a quick sample of what's on offer in the main game.

2XL ATV Offroad Lite comes with a new Real Rewards system, where gamers can compete to win real-world prizes and coupons.

2XL has also revealed that those who sign up gain access to one of the tracks from sister title 2XL Supercross.

Race to win

"We think that BlackBox Interactive’s Real Rewards SDK will prove to be revolutionary for games," said 2XL president Rick Baltman.

"By providing a continuous stream of new prizes to give away, money-saving coupons to hand out, along with events and promotions to compete in, players are not only highly motivated to finish in first place, but they will want to keep playing to see what they can win next. This truly adds longevity to our games."

Whether or not the prospect of coupons – we're assuming we're not talking book tokens here – will keep players tapped into play remains to be seen.

But there's certainly nothing wrong with a developer bringing something a little different to the standard Lite model.

You can get it via this App Store link.