Shoot-'em-up 2079 now free for iPhone

Only for a few more hours though

Shoot-'em-up 2079 now free for iPhone
| 2079

To celebrate reaching 500 downloads, Eric Tong has made his Asteroids/Geometry Wars style shooter free for 48 hours.

2079 uses full accelerometer controls to move the ship around the screen, with a background calibration system to give you the best possible control depending on how handsy you are with you iPhone (something we wish more games would incorporate).

Shaking the handset sets off a smart bomb, while the touchscreen controls enable you to shoot in any direction, regardless of which way the ship is moving.

The game's due to go back up to full price on November 29th at 12AM PST, so that gives us until around 8AM Saturday 29th in the UK to grab up the game for the bargain price of 'nowt. 2079's already on my iPhone and you're advised to do likewise, so blast the 'Buy It!' button to get you to the game's App Store page quicker.

Cheers Eric!