2021: Moon Escape is a retro adventure RPG for Game Boy coming later this year

2021: Moon Escape is a retro adventure RPG for Game Boy coming later this year

Incube8 Games has announced the upcoming launch of 2021: Moon Escape for the Nintendo Game Boy, letting players dive into a retro adventure RPG in the third or fourth quarter of 2022. The game features real-time combat as crafted by indie developer Mike Yamato, and will also have a digital release on the Nintendo Switch.

In 2021: Moon Escape, players can expect to step into the shoes of a paladin of the Marked Brotherhood named Tars Nunien. As a last attempt to defend against the Kisur Barbarians in a war of galactic proportions, you'll have to return the enemy war plans to Astra Nova, the capital planet. The game also promises "an intense and emotional story serving as a background to the exploration experience."

The open-world adventure title features vast lands to be explored as well as exciting combat and a thrilling character progression system. There will be main quest dungeons along with optional areas to discover, plus deep character customisation via equipment upgrades and skill trees. Players can experience an engaging narrative, and they can also unlock an alternative ending depending on the choices that they make in the game.

Purchasing the Standard Edition of 2021: Moon Escape during the physical release will provide you with a sealed box, the game cartridge, a cartridge protector, a sticker sheet and a game manual. You can also visit the official website to know more about the game, or join the community of followers over on the official Twitter page to stay updated on all the latest developments.

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