Elite System's ZX Spectrum collection grosses $150,000 on iOS

Firm also set to tackle piracy on Android

Elite System's ZX Spectrum collection grosses $150,000 on iOS

The burst of start ups enjoying runaway hits on iPhone means it's easy to forget that iOS also serves as a suitable market for retro releases.

So, Elite System's declaration that its line up of ZX Spectrum titles has brought in more than $150,000 in the four months since launch serves as an important reminder.

Elite by name

MD Steve Wilcox claims iOS offers the perfect platform for retro studios, noting that Elite's goals of "restoring order" to the ZX Spectrum games market has been given a boost thanks to the relatively closed nature of Apple's ecosystem.

"We've made some measurable progress toward the achievement of those goals and it’s a pleasure to be able to report that Matthew Smith will, deservedly, be a beneficiary of the more orderly market for ZX Spectrum games on iOS devices," Wilcox said of Elite's success.

Smith is the man behind Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy, the latter enjoying a solid run on iPhone and iPad under Elite's stewardship, earning him what the firm claims will soon be a "five figure income".

As a result, Elite is set to update Elite Collection on both platforms to include Jet Set Willy as an in-app purchase.


Wilcox also suggested the firm's ZX Spectrum releases will soon make the leap to Android, though he did note it might not be plain sailing for the firm on Google's platform.

"However, the theft (copyright infringement) of ZX Spectrum games on other platforms - notably on Android devices and online/PCs - is still very widespread," he added.

"In concert with our many licensors, we intend to begin to tackle those abuses in the weeks and months ahead and in so doing bring some order to the market for ZX Spectrum games on those platforms too."

[source: MCV]