Endless candy-eater Zuba! rolls onto iOS

The better you do, the fatter you get

Endless candy-eater Zuba! rolls onto iOS
| Zuba!

Mixing up Doodle Jump gameplay with a topdown perspective and a thematic sweet tooth, comes Melesta's Zuba!

It's a simple game that has you rolling Zuba - a big spherical sugar-addicted monster - through various obstacles, picking up food as he goes.

Using tilt controls (other options are available), you roll over the candies and stars, avoiding spikes for as long as you can.

Roll me sweeter

As an endless roller, it's a high score oriented game, albeit one in which there are checkpoints so you can explore the different areas.

For example, you'll quickly get into area in which you can use spoons to jump over spikes.

Alternatively you can use the stars you collect (or buy as IAP) to unlock jetpacks, rockets (to destroy spikes) as well as pills to slow down the action and items to customise Zuba's visual look.

So far, so normal, you might be thinking.

Zuba! does have a small subtlety, though; the more sweets you eat, the bigger Zupa grows, making it harder to avoid the obstacles.

It provides a nice little balancing act to what's otherwise a standard arcade game, albeit one with a great art style.

Zuba! is available now for iPhone and iPad, priced 99c, €0.79 or 69p.

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