ZOZ: Final Hour will showcase new gameplay and more at the BIG Festival 2022

ZOZ: Final Hour will showcase new gameplay and more at the BIG Festival 2022

NetEase Games is all set to give players a peek at their upcoming zombie-themed multiplayer shooter, ZOZ: Final Hour at the Brazil Independent Games Festival that is taking place between July 7th and 10th. The BIG Festival is quite a popular event in Latin America where more than 200 games are selected and showcased both online and offline so that gaming fans can enjoy and learn more about their favourite titles.

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ZOZ is one such game that will be featured in the sea of games during the fest. Set in the post-apocalyptic world of San Yager that is plagued by hungry zombies, players take on the role of mercenaries who are looking for Blood Crystals. 15 players will enter into the zone and engage in a match where they will face off zombies who will stop at nothing and also other humans who will try to steal the crystals.

Getting knocked down by one of them isn’t the end as players can still crawl back to their Safehouse, but must do so before their health reaches zero. The Safehouse is a zone of ceasefire where players can rest and restock. Do note that failing to reach there means the player turns into a zombie merc. The zombies will then destroy the Safehouse’s power switch and the battle begins! This makes gameplay so much more interesting as players can start off fighting zombies as mercenaries and then give in to the dark side and become a zombie themselves, as they hunt down other humans.

Even on the graphical side of things, ZOZ shines through as NetEase has created an entire battlefield bustling with hospitals, malls, amusement parks, gardens, and many more buildings. The entire city has been overthrown by zombies and it looks visually stunning. More information about ZOZ’s gameplay will be revealed at the BIG Fest by the game’s designer Heldslaiene Braian. Don’t forget to catch the event beginning tomorrow!

ZOZ: Final Hour is undergoing beta testing in Brazil and Indonesia and should be soft-launched this summer. Check it out on Google Play.

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