Freemium build-'em-up Zoo Story coming soon to iOS

Crocodile rocking into the App Store

Freemium build-'em-up Zoo Story coming soon to iOS
| Zoo Story

TeamLava, the development team behind iOS freemium hits Fashion Story and City Story, is bringing zoo-themed social title Zoo Story to the iPhone and iPad.

Taking on the role of zookeeper, your first job is to discover wild animals from the jungle, ocean, and beyond for your zoo.

These range from snow leopards, tigers, and koalas, to zebras, crocodiles, and the ever-mysterious unicorn.

You're tasked with caring for them by harvesting crops to keep them healthy, breeding them, and encouraging spectators to come and view them.

You do this by filling your zoo with attractions and amenities and inviting Facebook friends to take a trip around your animal displays – doing so rewards you with special bonuses.

TeamLava promises free updates with new animals, attractions, quests, and items, every week.

Zoo Story will be available in the App Store for free.

Anthony Usher
Anthony Usher
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