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There's something brilliantly old skool about Zombie Rabbit Hunter.

On first look, Digital Chocolate's bunny-slayer seems like the kind of prospect that could have only arisen from the current thirst for all things zombie. Rabbits are the menace here, approaching from all sides and presumably looking to snap up the scores of rotten carrots left in the bins outside Tesco.

Picking up a machine gun and deciding to slaughter each and every one might seem like something of an extreme reaction, but it does lead to a game of supremely simplistic principles: you move, you shoot.

War on rabbits

The latter is actually taken care of for you. Wherever you face, your weapon will fire a limitless supply of ammunition at any rabbits in range, ripping them into casserole-sized chunks in front of your very eyes.

The trick, therefore, is to dart around each map with gusto to stay out of their way, all while still pointing your gun in their direction to ensure they don't get too close.

Each level has a set breed of rabbit you have to take down, though in truth it makes sense to simply fire at everything that moves.

Bunny bonus

To your aid come a number of bonus weapons – gas pellets and lightning poles are just two of the tools you can employ when the going gets rough – that keep things fresh, though Zombie Rabbit Hunter never lets things get too complicated.

While you can dart from location to location through warren holes (an especially handy tactic when surrounded) and it's possible you'll get caught up on vines sprouting from the ground from time to time, there's no real complexity to the game – its strength lies in just how straightforward the entire challenge is.

It'd be very easy to scoff at Zombie Rabbit Hunter and its kind. The black and white nature of play in no way competes with the full-on war simulators you can get on mobile these days.

Your most likely reaction, however, will be to smile. The bottom line is that shooting down scores of rabbits is just plain fun, and there will always be a place for games that overtly celebrate their simplicity.

Zombie Rabbit Hunter

A bunny blood bath from beginning to end, Zombie Rabbit Hunter is an addictive prospect, purely because of its straightforward nature
Keith Andrew
Keith Andrew
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