Zombie Infection HD contaminates the iPad

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Zombie Infection HD contaminates the iPad
| Zombie Infection HD

Resident Evil 5-inspired zombie blaster Zombie Infection is now available in a supersized HD edition for iPad.

Featuring biologically enhanced foes, snapping crocodiles, and stop ‘n’ pop styled gunplay that’d make Chris Redfield blush, Zombie Infection’s influences may be abundantly clear but it’s hopefully just as fun as Capcom’s mobile offering.

The game has you playing as Damien Sharpe and Alex Rayne with a view to fending off the zombies, finding the source of the infection and uncovering – would you believe it – a global conspiracy. It plays out in 12 levels, including such varied locations as a zoo, a dock and a mine. And, of course, what zombie game would be complete without a secret lab?

The iPad edition doesn’t offer much over its iPhone compatriot, outside of generously enlarged visuals and sharper graphics. Par for the course with Gameloft’s iPad updates.

Zombie Infection HD is available now for iPad for £3.99 / $6.99 / €5.49.