iPhone’s Zen Bound comes with a free soundtrack

Relax to the mellow sounds of Zen Bound

iPhone’s Zen Bound comes with a free soundtrack
| Zen Bound

We’ve had our beady gaming eye on Zen Bound for ages, especially after it performed so admirably at the Independent Games Festival Mobile recently – landing a finalist spot in the Best iPhone Game award category and being nominated for the IMGA Excellence in 3D award.

Chillingo is publishing Zen Bound for developer Secret Exit, and we’re told it’s now been submitted for Apple’s approval with an expected release date of Friday 20th February.

What’s even more interesting is that Secret Exit is making the game’s exclusive soundtrack available to everyone who buys Zen Bound. We’ve had a sneak preview of both the game and the soundtrack, and can vouch that this is quite a plus point in the game’s promotion.

It’s a superb and eclectic mix of ethereal, ambient and meditative chill out tunes put together by mobile game maestro, Ghost Monkey – now one of the members of the Secret Exit team. If Shpongle, Pete Namlook, The Orb or The Future Sound of London mean anything to you, Ghost Monkey’s Zen Bound soundtrack could well become a prize piece in your music collection.

Stay tuned for our review of Zen Bound (and have a look at the beautiful wallpaper below), and judging from out hands-on with the game, it’s going to be a fascinating one…