Zen Bound re-released and free for a limited time

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Zen Bound re-released and free for a limited time
| Zen Bound

One of the first iPhone games to gain universal acclaim, as well as demonstrating the sort of new experiences that could be made on touchscreen devices, Zen Bound remains something of a poster child for the industry.

Interestingly though, it was one of the first games to be released by Chillingo; the publisher since purchased by EA.

Whether it's because of that deal, or just because Chillingo's rights to the game have lapsed over time, developer Secret Exit has announced it's just republished the title on the App Store under its own name.

The original Chillingo release is no longer available.

Something old, something new

Instead, if you want to get the version of the game that will be supported with future updates, you'll have to get the new version.

Good thing then that it's currently free - until November 16 - in celebration of Zen Bound 2 being released via Steam next week.

Hit the App Store button below to get it.