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"You can’t catch me" lets you avoid the police while you pick up your kids from school, out now on iOS and Android

"You can’t catch me" lets you avoid the police while you pick up your kids from school, out now on iOS and Android

Developer Vincent Ogloblinsky takes the pandemic and puts a fun twist to it in "You can’t catch me", a charming chase game that's out now on iOS and Android devices. As the resident of a bustling city, you'll have to avoid the police while trying your best to get on with your life, running around doing errands like making necessary purchases or picking up your kids from school.

"You can't catch me" basically tells you all about the game with its title alone - the police will stop at nothing to try and catch you in this bright urban setting, so you have to make sure that you slip past them or else pay a penalty. You can choose to play as eight different characters, each with a fun and unique style that will suit different players' tastes.

When you're not being chased down by the authorities, you can take a stroll through the beautiful city and marvel at the parks, gardens, or even just the streets around you. And if you're up for a challenge, you can take on the game's night mode and see if you can find your way back.

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"During the second national lockdown in France, in early December 2020, I had the opportunity to introduce my 9-year-old daughter to many video games that I played during my teenage years," says Vincent Ogloblinsky from the official press release. "From discovery to discussions, the idea came up for a video game about the lockdown that we were going through. What could be better than making fun of something that has turned our lives upside down for several months."

"Because I work in the 'digital' domain as a software architect, and I have a touch of everything, I took up the challenge we set out for ourselves," he goes on. "After several months between game-design, development, and testing phases, we are pleased to inform you of the availability of this game on the 2 main mobile platforms."

There are currently 15 missions to complete, with more levels to come and tougher enemies to beat. If you're eager to try it out, you can download "You can't catch me" on the App Store or on Google Play today.

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