X-Men and Splinter Cell infiltrate the N-Gage

Nokia flexes its muscles in the face of competition from DS and PSP

X-Men and Splinter Cell infiltrate the N-Gage

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory and Marvel’s X-Men Legends hit the stores this week, bringing two much-need high-profile franchises to Nokia’s gaming phone. Chaos Theory features everyone’s favourite black-pyjama wearing spy, Sam Fisher, and abandons the side-ways scrolling action of previous games to go fully 3D. What hasn’t changed is the same mix of stealth and puzzle solving, with 8 levels covering both indoors and outdoors action. Graphically speaking, it’s probably the N-Gage’s most impressive title yet and shows that there’s life in the old dog yet.

X-Men Legends is a return to more familiar ground with its 2D isometric graphics and bright comic-book inspired colours. It looks brilliant though and is somewhat reminiscent of the old X-Men arcade and console games. Loosely incorporating role-playing elements with an arcade beat-em up, it’s far from revolutionary but looks like being good fun nonetheless, particularly in the four-player co-operative play mode.

Both games are out to buy today with an RRP of £34.99; you can get a taste of the action with downloadable demos from the N-Gage Arena site – just click on the link below.