Whitethorn Games' fairytale-inspired crafting game Wytchwood is now available on iOS and Android

Whitethorn Games' fairytale-inspired crafting game Wytchwood is now available on iOS and Android
| Wytchwood
  • The fairytale-inspired crafting game hits iOS and Android today
  • Wytchwood has previously been released on Switch and consoles
  • You can get it for the low, low price of $4.99

Whitethorn Games' Wytchwood has hit storefronts on iOS and Android today. The fairytale-inspired, witchy crafting game will be on sale for $4.99, after previously only being available for console and PC.

Whitethorn will be best known to mobile gamers for previous titles such as Princess Farmer, developed alongside Samobee Games.

A witch in time saves nine

Wytchwood sees you play as a cauldron-headed witch gathering ingredients to cook up unusual recipes, concocting devious spells and sorceries while exploring a surreal world of fantasy and fairytale-inspired creatures and characters. All while solving puzzles and besting the strange creatures of the forest you'll run into on your journey to gather your Eyes of New and whatnot. Sadly, you can't get those delivered. Believe us we've tried.

It boasts some gorgeously realised storybook graphics that give us some Don't Starve vibes, and definitely one of the more unusual set-ups we've seen. It's not every day you get to play as a fairytale witch doling out justice to capricious characters, but as the game says, how else are they going to learn the moral of the story?

You can check out the trailer for Wytchwood's mobile release below!

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We're definitely excited to see just what Wytchwood has to offer, and the game looks to be just what fans of Brothers Grimm-esque fantasy might want. With the game now on storefronts you can check out gameplay, screenshots and more on both Google Play and iOS to see if Wytchwood is the game for you!

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