Worms update fixes bugs, but still no multiplayer

Team 17 wiggles out of adding online play

Worms update fixes bugs, but still no multiplayer
| Worms

Worms has received a slew of bug fixes and various minor improvements today following the release of a free update on the App Store.

Version 1.01 dramatically improves performance for devices across the board, even going so far as to offer settings that can be customised based on your handset.

What's missing, however, is multiplayer. Worms remains without online play on iPhone, a point well articulated in our review last month. With competing games offering network multiplayer such as Star Hogs, Worms continues to lag behind.

Team 17 states that future updates introducing Bluetooth and online multiplayer are "in the works." Voice chat, leaderboards, and "other delights" are being planned. Twitter and Facebook integration is also expected.

No word on when we should expect that feature to be done; however, the developer assures "[that it] will make iPhone Worms one of the most fully featured handheld editions of the game bar none."

Today's update, however, is limited to bug fixes. Worms on iPhone is available now for £2.99/$4.99.