Team17's Worms blasting onto Facebook later this year


Team17's Worms blasting onto Facebook later this year
| Worms

Since its initial release back in 1995, Team17's humour-filled Worms franchise has graced almost every platform under the sun, which means you've likely played it at some point.

If you haven't, you'll soon have the perfect chance: Worms is making its way to Facebook, complete with the franchise's infamous banana bombs and other wacky weapons.

For those of you who don't know, your aim in Worms is to destroy rival teams of cartoon invertebrates in turn-based battles using all manner of explosive weaponry.

You can normally customise your team by choosing the names of your worms, picking a tombstone for their inevitable demise, and even giving them a funny accent, but we don't know whether these options will make it into the Facebook release. Fingers crossed.

Look out for Worms on Facebook later this year.