Worms released on Android

Better late (and armed to the teeth) than never

Worms released on Android
| Worms

It’s been a long time coming, but Team 17’s long-running Worms series has finally made its Android debut, courtesy of EA.

Worms appears to be a conversion of the iPhone game that hit the App Store in the middle of 2009. While that might sound like it’s a little long in the tooth, bear in mind that the game shares its engine with the pin-sharp PS3 console version.

That should hopefully make for the same colourful, cartoonish brand of turn-based mayhem we so enjoyed on the Apple platform. Assuming control of a gang of militant wrigglers, you must take it in turns to blast your opponents from the (fully deformable) face of the earth.

No Worms game is complete without an extensive and outlandish armoury, and the Android version doesn’t disappoint. Rocket launchers, holy hand grenades, jet packs, exploding sheep, concrete donkeys and ninja ropes must all be utilised.

We just hope that the superior Worms 2: Armageddon, with its online multiplayer and all-round improvements, gets ported a little quicker than this version did.

For now, though, you can download Worms on Android for £1.88/$2.99/€2.59 through the Android Market. We’ll have a review up soon.