Worms World Party wriggling its way to N-Gage


Worms World Party wriggling its way to N-Gage

THQ Wireless has announced it's bringing Team 17's Worms World Party to the new N-Gage platform, just as it did to the old N-Gage handheld back in 2005.

Clearly this will be an updated version, with better graphics said to help players visualise the terrain, and 3D-laced levels thanks to the new N-Gage's enhanced capabilities. These also allow for the inclusion of the Worms animations and, new to this version, the addition of Worms voice taunts.

"Worms has always been a great success on mobile devices and the N-Gage technology has allowed us to produce the most advanced, faithful and visually impressive mobile edition of Worms to date," said Adam Comiskey, international VP at THQ Wireless.

Six level themes inspired by the best of the classic turn-based strategy-loving Worms series will make it, including the hot lava fields of hell, the freezing ice caverns, an arid desert, pirate islands, alien space worlds and tribal rock environments.

Joining these are the classic weapons, of course, including the Super Sheep and Holy Hand-Grenade.

Up to four players can compete in online deathmatch bouts wherever they are in the world via N-Gage Arena, while other online options extend to matchmaking, friends list and high-score leaderboard.

What else? Oh, the game also takes advantage of the new N-Gage Arena Points feature that rewards skilful players for vanquishing opponents while keeping their Worm crew intact, or blasting several enemy annelids in one go.

Worms World Party is due to pop out of the development soil in the first half of 2008.

Joao Diniz Sanches
Joao Diniz Sanches
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