The Worms are Partying on the N-Gage

The pink wriggly ones and their sheep are worming their way onto Nokia’s handheld

The Worms are Partying on the N-Gage
| Worms World Party

Oh, the humour to be had with the news that the N-Gage has Worms, oh yes. Fair enough, it’s not high-brow entertainment but that’s not what Worms is all about. After the shaky 3D efforts to have graced games consoles of late, we’re glad to see a return to the classic 2D environments offered up by Worms World Party on the N-Gage. Built around the tried and tested Worms formula that pits two or more teams of militant nematodes against each other, armed with a selection of weird and wonderful weapons, it’s a bona fide entry in the Worms canon.

Homing Pigeons, Super Sheep and the insidious Mole Bomb are all part of your arsenal as you take on the 25 single-player missions or partake in the co-operative or head-to-head multiplayer modes via Bluetooth or the N-Gage Arena. The landscapes over which you’ll be fighting are as customisable as ever and it’s no bluster to say that you’ll never play the same level twice.

Worms World Party is out now for the N-Gage with a recommended retail price of £29.99 and a free downloadable demo is up for grabs at the official website, the link for which is below.