Worms World Party escapes obliteration

First it was on, then it was off, now it’s on again

Worms World Party escapes obliteration
| Worms World Party

After reporting on Friday that THQ Wireless had canned production on Worms World Party for N-Gage, we can now announce that the title has managed to wriggle its way out of the firing line.

The official N-Gage blog previously made the claim that "production on that game has been postponed," but yesterday evening saw a correction posted.

“As it turns out, that is no longer the case,” it said, “we are pleased to announced Worms World Party for N-Gage is very much back in the lineup and we’re looking forward to its release in 2009.”

We first reported on Worms World Party almost a year ago now, but the promise of graphical improvements and four player online deathmatch has kept our anticipation levels high.