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World of Tanks Generals - A surpisingly fresh card battler

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World of Tanks Generals - A surpisingly fresh card battler
So this is another iPad card battler then?

Yes, World of Tanks Generals is a card battler that you play on your iPad, but it's far from typical. There's the usual combat cards, perk cards, and deck-building, but the similarities to its genre brethren ends there.

Why? What's so different about it?

Well, it's played out on a grid for a start. Think of it as card battler meets chess meets a turn-based strategy game and you're on the right lines.


Let me explain. There are three different types of tank - light, medium, and heavy. Each functions differently when you place them on the grid. Light tanks can move two spaces in a round while heavy and medium tanks can soak up - and dish out - mean damage, but have less maneuverability.

Still not really seeing what this has to do with chess.

I'm getting to that. In chess the aim of the game is to checkmate the king. In World of Tanks Generals you have to defeat the opposing general, and the quickest way you can do that is to invade the enemy's territory and surround the general. That way your opponent can't build any more tanks and you can sit back and demolish them in peace.

Why can't they build any more tanks?

Because you can only place new tank cards in the spaces directly adjacent to your general. After that you can move your tanks around the as you please - so long as you abide by the rules of that particular card.

Okay, I understand. So how does it play as a card game?

It's pretty standard fare when you break it down really. You build a deck then head into a battle against a real player. You'll then have to figure out the best strategy to defeat your opponent based on the cards that you're dealt.

So would you recommend it?

If you're into card games - absolutely. They're in abundance on mobile but the chess-style game play and strategy-lite elements breathe enough fresh air into the genre to please even hardened card battling fans.

What if you're not into card games?

There's still something here for you. I'd say fans of chess or turn-based strategy games would feel at home here and find plenty to interest them. Ironically, it's likely the fans of World of Tanks Blitz that will like this the least.

World of Tanks Generals - A surpisingly fresh card battler

World of Tanks Generals is a surprisingly fresh card battler that throws elements of chess and turn based strategies into the deck-building mix
Chris James
Chris James
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