Silver Award-winning word game WordsWorth has just spelt its way onto Android

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Silver Award-winning word game WordsWorth has just spelt its way onto Android
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Update: 99Games has just dropped us a line to mention that WordsWorth will also be available on Kindle Fire [buy] and Nook tablet [buy] at an introductory price of $1.99.

99Games's iPhone and iPad word game WordsWorth is now available to download on Android from all Android app stores, including Google Play, the Amazon Appstore, and GetJar.

WordsWorth has been available on iOS for around three years and now boasts more than 100,000 daily active users. 99Games is hoping that expanding onto the Android platform will help to double this figure.

In case you're unfamiliar with this word game, you're tasked with constructing words on 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, and 7x7 grids of letters - all of which can be used throughout the game's three modes of play: Classic, Timed, and Tumble.

You can play through these modes either by yourself or with three of your friends, and unlock OpenFeint achievements as you do.

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At review, the iPhone version of WordsWorth bagged an incredibly shiny Pocket Gamer Silver Award, which means it's definitely worth checking out.

You can download it from Google Play for free [download].

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