Words With Friends 2 tips and tricks - Beginner tips for playing like a pro

Get an encyclopedic knowledge of the dictionary. Umm...

Words With Friends 2 tips and tricks - Beginner tips for playing like a pro

Do you have friends? No? Well, that’s actually not a problem, because this might be Words With Friends 2, but it could equally be called Words With Strangers thanks to online matchmaking. Phew!

In this guide we’re going through some simple tips for you to get started on Words With Friends 2, the latest not-Scrabble game to hit mobile devices.

So strap in and before you know it, you’ll be playing like a dictionary (that knows how to play Words With Friends 2).


When you start with your small selection of letters, you need to start looking for words, or at least parts of words. Narrowing down your tools will definitely help in the long run.

If nothing immediately jumps out at you, group vowels and common consonants together so they’re easy to separate mentally, then look for any words.

Look to the board for any letters you’re missing, or if you’re in a bad situation, think of the letters on the board as either the beginning or end of your word, and hopefully things will fall into place.

Two letter wonders

Feeling desperate? Cheeky? Well it might feel like a cheat, but you can totally use two letter words.

Got nothing good? How about ‘JE’. Failing that, how does ‘QI’ sound? Both of these are acceptable, as are loads of other combinations.

Just keeping trying things, and look for the wee icon near your word to go green. If it has, it’s an acceptable word and you can absolutely blag it.

Column combinations

When it comes to using letters already on the board, there’s no reason to stop after just one. In fact, you can totally rip off entire words, of course.

Start with ‘SIR’ for example. Take that to ‘SIRE’. Need more? How about ‘SIREN’. You can keep this going with ‘SIRENS’ and so on, and so forth.

Also, you might found yourself in a situation where a single letter can join two columns to create a brand new word, like in the image below where a single E can connect ‘DEAD’ and the letter ‘N’ in the next column for ‘DEADEN’.

Battle royale

You need points to hit those daily targets and smash achievements, right? So why limit yourself to a single opponent?

You can search for up to three opponents at a time, and fight multiple happily. Just keep checking the ‘Your Turn’ section on the main menu so you don’t keep anyone waiting.

It might be difficult to keep up with multiple games at once, but this makes earning points a much faster experience than waiting around for a single opponent to make a move.

Daily dose

Every day when you log in you can collect a reward chest containing coins or other gifts.

Put the coins towards new bonuses like a new frame for your portrait, or save them up for a big gift.

Of course, the easiest way to earn is to keep logging in and keep playing.

Dave Aubrey
Dave Aubrey
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