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Woofball Manager is a Reigns-style game mixed with football and dog puns that's available for iOS now

Featuring well-known dog footballers such as Harry Kanine

Woofball Manager is a Reigns-style game mixed with football and dog puns that's available for iOS now

You might remember Swipe Studios for their game Swipe Manager: Soccer 2018. It was effectively Reigns crossed with football management. Now they're back with a sequel of sorts, Woofball Manager. It looks to be the same concept, except with 100% more dog footballers. It's available now for iOS.

If you're unfamiliar with the preceding game, Swipe Manager. It was basically Reigns mixed with football management. You played as the manager and were faced with a number of scenario's where you'd swipe left or right to make your decision. The choices you made could affect one of four bars that included fans, board, team and the press, with your aim being to maintain a happy equilibrium.

We reviewed Swipe Manager back when it released and weren't overly impressed, feeling the game felt a little too involved. Woofball manager looks fairly similar based on the trailer, with the same four bars you have to balance present here. But, could the addition of dogs change this? It certainly can't hurt I'd say, particularly since it brings a plethora of dog puns with it.

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As you can see in the trailer above your pups will all be tweaks of famous footballer names. You can expect to come across players Antoine Fleazeman and Paul Pugba whilst going head to head with canine managers like the Mauricio Poochettino.

You'll be able to take the lead across 15 different seasons as you're faced with decisions that cover events on and off the pitch. From the more corporate issues in the boardroom to the raw emotion that can break out in a changing room bust-up.

Woofball Manager is available now on the App Store. It's a premium game that costs £0.99 which means you won't have to put up with randomly appearing ads that often plagued the original game.

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