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Wizards and Wagons reveals what a hero does after their quest is over

A fantasy trading adventure

Wizards and Wagons reveals what a hero does after their quest is over
| Wizards and Wagons
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The Demon Lord has been defeated and you, as the once great hero who slew it, are now unemployed, bankrupt, and have recently become homeless. What do you do next?

Fortunately, that decision is taken out of your hands when a wizard with an eye for business offers you a wagon and the chance to buy back your house by plying your trade as a merchant.

Wizards & Wagons, which launched today in the App Store, tells the epic tale of what a hero gets up to after his main quest is over.

In this case it's travelling the world trading goods with local merchants in a variety of exotic towns. You'll have to take advantage of a deficit in supply and generally figure out what sells best where to really maximise your profits.

That's not the only challenge though. The roads between towns are packed with bandits, monsters, and dragons so you'll need to keep your wagon outfitted with the most powerful weapons and magic to keep yourself safe.

There's also the issue of limited space in your wagon, which can be solved using a fun Tetris-style inventory management system which handily gives you the impression that you're squeezing everything in.

You could always just upgrade your wagon if you find yourself regularly running low on space - and high on cash - though.

To help get you earning the big cash you can join the Merchants Guild who will offer you randomly-generated quests for big rewards or you could exploit special events for an enormous profit.

It's easy to figure out when these are going to be held thanks to the extensive calendar which comes complete with different seasons.

Wizards & Wagons has just launched in the App Store [download] where it's available for £3.99 / $4.99.