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LoL: Wild Rift Master Yi Champion Guide: Best build, items, and everything you need to know

Everything you need to know about Master Yi in Wild Rift

LoL: Wild Rift Master Yi Champion Guide: Best build, items, and everything you need to know
Updated: July 27, 2021 - Added Runes, core items, and alternate itemization

Next up on the list of champions we'll cover is Master Yi, the Wuju Bladesman. This Ionian blademaster is one of the most powerful late-game champions you can find in the Rift. In terms of difficulty of execution, Master Yi's kit is quite good for complete beginners, because he has absolutely no skill shots (abilities that require targeting), and he will rely solely on his auto-attacks.   

He falls somewhere in between an assassin and a fighter, being able to deal huge amounts of damage in little to no time, he can avoid crowd controls (if he times his Skill 1 right), he can be quite tanky during Meditate, and will even regenerate some of his lost HP. 

I would say that he's one of the most forgiving junglers out there because you don't actually need to worry too much about his early game and farming. His kit is easy, and I'd definitely recommend him for a complete beginner.

In this League of Legends: Wild Rift Master Yi guide you'll find everything you need to know about the champion, from his skills and how to allocate them, to his build, skill combo, and runes. This is what you will find in Master Yi's guide below:

League of Legends: Wild Rift Master Yi's skills:

Double Strike (Passive)

Every few consecutive basic attacks, Master Yi strikes twice.

Alpha Strike (Skill 1)

Master Yi teleports across the battlefield with blinding speed, dealing physical damage to multiple units in his path, while simultaneously becoming untargetable. Alpha Strike can critically strike and deals bonus physical damage to monsters. Basic attacks reduce Alpha Strike's cooldown.

Meditate (Skill 2)

Master Yi rejuvenates his body by focus of mind, restoring Health and taking reduced damage for a short time.

Wuju Style (Skill 3)

Grants bonus true damage on basic attacks.

Highlander (Skill 4 / Ultimate)

Master Yi moves with unparalleled agility, temporarily increasing his Movement and Attack Speeds as well as making him immune to all slowing effects. While active, Champion kills or assists extend Highlander's duration. Passively reduces cooldown for his other abilities on a kill or assist.

How to combo as Master Yi:

There is no particular "skill combo" for Master Yi, since he mainly relies on the damage from his auto-attacks. However, there is something you could do, something like a combo, that would greatly increase his damage output. 

Auto-attack -> Skill 3 -> Auto-attack

This is the go-to "combo" that you will do most of the time as Master Yi, because his Wuju Style not only grants bonus damage to his auto-attacks but also resets the auto-attack timer. That means you don't have to wait for the time it would normally take to attack again. 

In what order to level up the skills?

Since Master Yi is heavily reliant on his auto-attacks, you want to focus on the skills that will help you the most from that perspective, which means Skill 1 and Skill 3 will be the ones that you'll max first. Additionally, whenever you can, you want to add a point into his ultimate. 

Level 1: Skill 1
Level 2: Skill 3
Level 3: Skill 2
Level 4: Skill 1
Level 5: Skill 4
Level 6: Skill 1
Level 7: Skill 3

Keep leveling Skill 3 until it's maxed, then focus on Skill 1, and lastly Skill 2. Of course, don't forget about Skill 4 (ultimate) whenever it's available. 

The best summoner spells for Master Yi:

Smite: Deal 440 true damage (440 - 1100) to a large or epic monster or minion. Smiting monsters restores 70 HP. Slaying 4 large monsters upgrades Smite to Chilling Smite or Challenging Smite, which can target enemy champions. (+ the bonuses from Hunting License and Tooth and Nail from Smite, that charge once every 45s)

Flash: Teleport a short distance forward or towards the aimed direction.

The best runes for Master Yi:

You could replace Pathfinder with Mastermind if you're trying to be a little bit more objective-focused.

The best items for Master Yi:

This would be a standard Master Yi build, but since he works well with a lot of items, you can pretty much build anything that will boost his attack speed and auto-attacks. As an alternative, you could replace Frozen Mallet with Guardian Angel, which will help keep you alive for longer.


Gluttonous Quicksilver are the boots you want on him if the opponent has a lot of crowd control skills because outside of his Alpha Stance and Meditate, Yi can be quite squishy. 

Gluttonous Stasis is the alternative option, which is a must-buy if the enemy team has assassins like Zed or Akali.  

If you would like to check if Master Yi is currently in meta, take a look at our Wild Rift Tier List!