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LoL: Wild Rift Nunu & Willump Guide: Best build, items, runes

Everything you need to know about Nunu & Willump in Wild Rift

LoL: Wild Rift Nunu & Willump Guide: Best build, items, runes

Nunu & Willump make up one of the Wild Rift champions that perform exceptionally well in the jungle, not only because they have a skill that lets them be faster than your average champion, but also because they have enough crowd control to survive many 1v1 situations. 

For those unfamiliar with the duo, Nunu is the little boy riding the yeti, and Willump is the yeti doing all the "heavy lifting". Basically, the duo revolves mostly around Willump pulling stunts and rolling snowballs, while Nunu is there to 'command' him. It's heaps of fun pulling off a successful gank with them since unless the opponent has some crowd control, there's literally nothing standing in the way of a huge snowball knocking up enemies. 

In our Wild Rift Nunu & Willump guide you'll find everything you need to know about the champion duo, from their skills and how to allocate them to their build, skill combo, and runes. This is what you will find in the Nunu & Willump guide below:

Nunu skills

League of Legends: Wild Rift Nunu & Willump's skills

Call of the Freljord (Passive)

Nunu increases the attack speed and movement speed of Willump and a nearby ally, and causes Willump's basic attacks to damage enemies around the target.

Consume (Skill 1)

Willump takes a bite out of a minion, monster, or enemy champion, dealing damage and healing himself.

Biggest Snowball Ever! (Skill 2)

Willump creates a snowball that grows in size and speed as he rolls it. The snowball damages and knocks up enemies.

Snowball Barrage (Skill 3)

Nunu throws multiple snowballs that damage enemies. When he's finished, Willump roots any champions or large monsters that were hit by a snowball.

Absolute Zero (Skill 4 / Ultimate)

Nunu & Willump create a powerful blizzard in an area that slows enemies and deals massive damage at the end.

How to combo as Nunu & Willump in Wild Rift

Nunu & Willump have a couple of interesting combos, but most importantly, everything comes down to how well you "drive" your snowball into the enemy or enemies. Thus being said, the other skills can combo nicely depending on the situation: 

- Skill 2 (charge it to full) -> Release it when you're in front of the champion (by casting Skill 2 again) -> Skill 3 (after the snowball hits the enemy) -> Skill 1 -> Skill 3

This is an exceptional ganking combo that will help you basically crowd control lock your enemy while you're still doing plenty of damage. 

- Skill 3 -> Flash -> Skill 4 (Ultimate) -> Skill 1

With this combo you'll be able to initiate teamfights and deal quite a bit of damage as well. It works great against multiple enemies. 

More tips for playing Nunu & Willump:
  • Always move around the jungle with the snowball. It will help you clear out camps faster, help you move quickly, and will be useful in case an enemy decides to invade you. 
  • Make use of the Passive when near an enemy to boost their Attack Speed. 
  • If you build a lot of AP damage, you can use a bush to catch enemies by surprise with the Ultimate, which can probably one-shot them if fully charged.

Wild Rift Nunu & Willump - In what order to level up the skills?

For Nunu & Willump, this is the order in which you want to level up the skills: 

  • Level 1: Skill 1
  • Level 2: Skill 2
  • Level 3: Skill 3
  • Level 4: Skill 1
  • Level 5: Skill 4
  • Level 6: Skill 1
  • Level 7: Skill 1

Keep leveling Skill 1 until it's maxed, then focus on Skill 3, and lastly on Skill 2. Don't forget to keep adding 1 point into your Skill 4 (ultimate) whenever possible.

The best summoner spells for Nunu & Willump in Wild Rift

Smite: Deal 440 true damage (440 - 1100) to a large or epic monster or minion. Smiting monsters restores 70 HP. Slaying 4 large monsters upgrades Smite to Chilling Smite or Challenging Smite, which can target enemy champions. (+ the bonuses from Hunting License and Tooth and Nail from Smite, that charge once every 45s)

Flash: Teleport a short distance forward or towards the aimed direction.

The best runes for Nunu & Willump

best runes for Nunu

The best build for Nunu & Willump in Wild Rift

Nunu & Willump best build in Wild Rift Boots:  Steel-plated Stoneplate is the best option for Nunu against AD enemies.  Mercury's Stoneplate is the ideal option against AP enemies and against crowd control.

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