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LoL: Wild Rift Ziggs Champion Guide: Best build, items, and everything you need to know

Everything you need to know about Ziggs in Wild Rift

LoL: Wild Rift Ziggs Champion Guide: Best build, items, and everything you need to know
Updated: July 27, 2021

In this League of Legends: Wild Rift Ziggs guide you'll find everything you need to know about the champion, from his skills and how to allocate them to his build, skill combo, and runes. Here is what you will find in the Ziggs guide below:

Ziggs, the Hexplosives Expert is our next champion to receive a guide. This little Yordle champion is nothing short of deadly to put it simply. His kit is specifically designed to chip at enemies' HP bar with short bursts of damage and massive poke from his Bouncing Bomb. Whenever you're on low HP, I'd strongly advise you to stay away from a Ziggs, because you don't want to experience this champion's one-shot ability.

With a massive bomb as his ultimate, Ziggs will be able to snipe down enemies even if they're in the fog of war (if they're not visible to Ziggs). He can use this ability to steal objectives, to kill unexpecting enemies, or to help other lanes. When I mentioned that low HP enemies are his favourite targets, I was not joking. Do not linger around on low health with a Ziggs in your game!

Another great feature of Ziggs is that he can melt enemy towers. Basically, when he activates his Skill 2 next to a tower with 25% HP or less, he will automatically destroy it.

League of Legends: Wild Rift Ziggs skills

Short Fuse (Passive)

Periodically, Ziggs' next basic attack deals bonus magic damage. This cooldown is reduced whenever Ziggs uses an ability.

Bouncing Bomb (Skill 1)

Ziggs throws a bouncing bomb that deals magic damage.

Satchel Charge (Skill 2)

Ziggs flings an explosive charge that detonates after 4 seconds, or when this ability is activated again. The explosion deals magic damage to enemies, knocking them away. Ziggs is also knocked away, but takes no damage. Ziggs can use the Satchel to hexplode vulnerable enemy turrets.

Hexplosive Minefield (Skill 3)

Ziggs scatters proximity mines that detonate on enemy contact, dealing magic damage and slowing enemies or minions. Successive mine detonations on the same target deal reduced damage.

Mega Inferno Bomb (Skill 4 / Ultimate)

Ziggs deploys his ultimate creation, the Mega Inferno Bomb, hurling it an enormous distance. Enemies in the primary blast zone take more damage than those farther away.

How to combo as Ziggs:

Ziggs has no set "combos", but he does have a few tips that are going to make playing him a lot more enjoyable, once you fully understand them:

  • Use Skill 2 to blast opponents towards the middle of your ultimate. This will take a lot of practice, but it's possible, and it feels really, really good when you pull it off.
  • You can use your Skill 3 and Skill 2 (not activated, just placed on the ground) to force the opponent into a narrow area, and then hit your Skill 1. It will be much easier to land it once you know exactly the path your enemies will take.
  • Make sure you take advantage of the passive Ziggs has - it's a great way to harass enemies in the lane with auto-attacks. You can tell when it's activated because it will show a red bar underneath the HP & Mana bar. This passive also procs more often, the more skills Ziggs lands.
  • Once an enemy steps onto your Skill 3 bombs and are slowed down, that's a perfect moment to send your ultimate onto them because they will have a much harder time to evade it.
  • If you find yourself onto a narrow jungle path and you see an enemy approaching, you can use your Skill 3 to force enemies to walk over them and take damage or get slowed. This also works with his Skill 2, but instead, you can knock them up and away from you.
  • With Skill 2 you can blast yourself in a certain direction or you can use it to help you get over jungle walls. You just need to practice a little bit the right position to place it (and replay that a lot, so you can do it flawlessly in team fights).
  • Once you stun an enemy with Skill 2 (the stun is very short, so you have to act fast) you can quickly use Skill 1 to land directly onto the target.

In what order to level up the skills?

On Ziggs, you want to max out your Skill 1 first, then Skill 3, and finally your Skill 2.

  • Level 1: Skill 3
  • Level 2: Skill 1
  • Level 3: Skill 2 
  • Level 4: Skill 1
  • Level 5: Skill 4
  • Level 6: Skill 1
  • Level 7: Skill 1

Keep leveling Skill 1 until it's maxed, then focus on Skill 3, and lastly on Skill 2. Of course, whenever you can, you want to add 1 point into your Skill 4 (ultimate).

The best summoner spells

Ignite: Ignites target enemy champion, dealing 60-410 true damage (based on level) over 5 seconds and inflicting them with Grievous Wounds. (Grievous Wounds reduces healing effects by 50%).

Flash: Teleport a short distance forward or towards the aimed direction. 

Wild RIft Ziggs - The best runes

wild rift ziggs runes

Wild Rift Ziggs - The best items

wild rift ziggs - item build Boots Ionian Stasis is one of the best picks for Ziggs since he might need it in many situations where he will get ganked or enemies will try to dive him. Ionian Shadows is a good alternative, which can slow down enemies so Ziggs can catch and ult them easier.

If you would like to examine if Ziggs is currently in meta, check out our Wild Rift Tier List!