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Everything you need to know about bot lane / Dragon lane, and its role in League of Legends: Wild Rift

Everything you need to know about bot lane / Dragon lane, and its role in League of Legends: Wild Rift

This guide is mostly dedicated to complete beginners, who are trying to learn more about League of Legends: Wild Rift.

If you ever wondered how the lanes and their respective roles came to be, then today's article is just what you were looking for. Below I will explain everything you need to know about each individual lane, its role (and the role of the champion assigned to that lane), as well as how you can improve your laning phase.

But first things first - there are 3 major lanes along with the jungle, which makes it a total of 4 lanes. They are as follows:

- Top lane / Baron lane
- Mid lane
- Bot lane / Dragon lane / Bottom lane
- Jungle

Next up, I'm going to tell you exactly which champions are assigned to these lanes, what their role is, and how you can better select a champion designed for that role. In this article, we are going to cover bot lane / Dragon lane. If you want to learn about the other lanes, you can check a similar article for top lane / Baron lane, jungle, or mid lane!

Understanding League of Legends: Wild Rift's Bot lane / Dragon lane and its role

Bot lane, or better said, Dragon lane, is the only duo lane in the game, and it's usually dedicated to a marksman and their support. The name of this lane comes from the location of the elemental Drake fairly close to it. You can tell this lane apart from the blue dragon symbol inside the base, right before you walk out into the lane.

This lane requires two players, a marksman, and support. In some situations, a ranged mage can go bot lane (if the mid laner is AD and the team has no other AP source). The reason why there are two players is that the marksman is extremely squishy, and the support can provide some sustain for them until they farm enough Gold and EXP to be viable. Of course, the support will provide vision as well as other buffs for the team (heals, shields, etc).

Another reason why bot lane requires two people is that the Drake is an objective that should be taken relatively early on in the game, and a jungler won't be able to solo it all the time. So, the duo in the dragon lane will help. With their help, the objective will be secured quicker.

The laners in bot lane / Dragon lane: a marksman or a ranged mage, and a support that can be an enchanter (with heals/shields) or a tank

The role of the bot laner and support: the support's main role is to help the bot laner survive the laning phase and provide utility for the team (but we have an article dedicated entirely to the support role, so you should check that one out). The marksman's role is to survive in lane and farm as much as possible and have a constant damage output (we have an article dedicated entirely to marksmen, so check that one to learn more about their role).

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