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How to play as a bot laner in League of Legends: Wild Rift

How to play as a bot laner in League of Legends: Wild Rift

Bot laners are oftentimes ADCs, or Marksmen (if I was to refer to them in-game terms). However, every now and then Mages or wild Yasuos could go bot lane too, depending on what the team needs. It all depends on the meta, but usually, it's a Marksman that will go bot lane.

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The role of bot laners (ADCs):

The role of a bot laner is to provide constant damage, all throughout the game. In the early game, ADCs are usually quite weak, since their defenses are not really good and their HP is quite low as well. You could look at them as glass cannons, which is primarily why they have a lane partner to keep them alive and well, while they try to scale.

In the late game, however, Bot laners and mid laners should be the primary carries of the game. Later on, after they reach their power spike (depends on the champion, might require 1, 2, 3, or more items), they should be able to bring quite a lot of consistent damage to team fights, allowing for objectives to be secured much faster.

- Farming a lot of minions, until they scale and have good damage

- Providing constant reliable damage through normal attacks and skills

- Sieging enemy towers

How to farm and get become relevant as an ADC in Wild Rift:

Because bot laners need a helping hand at the start, you want to rely on the support for either taking a couple of hits for you, body block enemy attacks, or skill shots, heal, or shield you.

They need to be aware of all of this, while trying to farm as many minions as humanly possible. Kills work too because they give some Gold, but it's always better to rely on minions rather than kills.

Gold plays a huge role for these squishy carries, which is why bot laners roam significantly less than other laners, some not even at all.

So, if you play a bot laner, try to last hit every single minion and possibly even secure some jungle camps that your jungler won't mind you taking (the Golems, Raptors, Gromp, etc). Scuttlecrab is another great source of Gold, if you can secure it fast enough or have a helping hand from the support.

How to position as a bot laner:

In every single battle, you want to play as far behind as possible. Playing safe should be your number 1 goal because ADCs are extremely powerless when it comes to getting attacked, so you should never try to be the hero and initiate a fight. (of course, unless you're too far ahead and can solo kill everybody on the enemy team)

Their range is a great advantage towards Marksmen positioning, so make sure you use your support, minions, and all the other teammates as meatshield (to peel for you).

What to build as a bot laner:

There is no universal build for bot laners since all champions have different ways of playing and scaling.

There are two main ways to scale up your damage as a bot laner: by scaling up your Attack Speed (and other stats, of course, but mainly AS), or by scaling up your flat Attack Damage (AD). You could even focus on both of them. In addition to these, you can use Lifesteal items to help you sustain better, and Lethality to help you shred through the enemy tanks.

For heavily auto-attack reliant ADCs, such as Ashe, you want a lot of Attack Speed. However, for marksmen like Jhin, you want more flat AD and criticals. For hybrid ones, such as Ezreal, you can build a variety of items, depending on what your aim is.

Overall, you want to make sure that you are able to deal plenty of damage while the front line is soaking up the incoming damage.


Bot laners play a great part in the game, even if they are not the most relevant in the early game. Some bot laners need quite a bit of time and Gold to come online, but once they do, they can have a great impact on the game. They're great at sieging towers and helping the jungler in securing objectives, and with a good support and help from the team, they can reliably carry in the end-game.