Netflix teases season two of Arcane with an ominous new poster

Nothing ever stays dead

Netflix teases season two of Arcane with an ominous new poster
  • New poster shared for Arcane season 2 with the tagline, "Nothing ever stays dead"
  • Poster shares interesting parallels with the first season
  • Expect to see some crossovers with Wild Rift as well

It’s been a great day for League of Legends fans as Netflix just shared a poster for Arcane Season 2, which is set to return to the popular streaming service in November. The show is coming back after three years so even a simple poster is enough to get everyone elated. While a first-look trailer was released a few months ago, this artwork is pretty evocative of what the season is going to be like.

You’d think there’s not much to understand from a poster, but Arcane Season 2’s poster carries a deep meaning. Parallels to the first season are highly evident as there’s a clear role reversal. In Arcane’s preliminary season, you can see a young Vi holding her sibling, Jinx, extremely close to her.

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There’s a switch in Season 2 as you can now see Jinx holding Vi tightly. Fans have been even labelling Jinx as possessed as Vi looks frightened in her arms as opposed to feeling safe. The second season is definitely going to take a darker tone given the events of the first one. Even the cast described the experience as emotional, so get ready to be hit right in the feels.

How does this all tie into LoL: Wild Rift? Well, both Wild Rift and Arcane are part of Riot’s wildly popular League of Legends universe, so you can expect content to boil over from the show to the mobile game. It’s a great way to promote the series as themed collaborations and events should also be held. Expect to see some of your favourite characters in the MOBA.

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Arcane season two will be released on Netflix in November. Until then, you can download League of Legends: Wild Rift by clicking on your preferred link below. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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