When Vikings Attack delivers cross-platform multiplayer brawling between Vita and PS3

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When Vikings Attack delivers cross-platform multiplayer brawling between Vita and PS3
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Sony has touted the cross-platform capabilities of the PS Vita and PS3 many a time, but up to this point we haven't really seen any developers use it to its fullest.

That is about to change, however, with the upcoming release of When Vikings Attack - a multiplayer game that lets Vita players fight against PS3 gamers, and vice versa.

Each player controls a gang of vikings, who can pick up bins, cannons, trucks, and anything else you can find to throw at the other gangs. If you get hit by something, you lose a guy. Lose all your men, and you're out.

Here's the twist: the more guys you have left, the larger the items you can pick up but the slower you are. So, once you're down to one man, you can only chip away at other teams by throwing tiny items at them, but it does make it far easier for you to dodge their attacks.

Combos, combos, combos

The most exciting element of When Vikings Attack is that up to four players can battle it out via any combination of PS3 and Vita controllers. So, you could have three people playing on the PS3 and one on the Vita, or three on Vitas and one on the PS3.

Technically speaking, that means you can use the PS Vita as a PS3 controller, given that the same action is playing out on the PS3 and the Vita at the same time. Nifty, huh!

You only need to pay once to receive a copy for both Vita and PS3, too, so if you have a Vita, a PS3, and three friends, you're laughing (and saving).

There's no word on when the game will be released, other than sometime this year, but we'll let you know when we hear all the deets. Check out the interview trailer below in the meantime.

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