Warriors Orochi gets UK release date

Turn the battlefields red at the end of March

Warriors Orochi gets UK release date
| Warriors Orochi

A couple of weeks back publisher Koei announced its new historical battlefield scrapper, Warriors Orochi, was getting a US release. Today it's confirmed the game will be heading to UK too on March 28th (so just a few days after the US's March 25th date).

The game combines two of Koei's biggest franchises – Samurai Warriors and Dynasty Warriors – chucking together characters from both for one almighty battle.

Travelling from one battlefield to the next is said to be completely seamless – so no ten-second loading breaks – and for the first time a 'team battle system' lets you create three-person teams so you can have one character fighting and a couple recuperating.

A huge roster of almost 80 characters is included alongside four storylines, which follow four different events and pit various lead characters up against one another.

Content-wise, it's sounding like a worthy new addition to the already-available Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors games for PSP and we hope the new inclusions will make this one stand out from the crowd. Whichever side of the Atlantic you happen to be, then, prepare for bloodshed this March.