Koei brings Warriors Orochi to PSP

Mass scale battlefield combat aiming to hit the handheld in a big way

Koei brings Warriors Orochi to PSP
| Warriors Orochi

Koei, a publisher that brings out all sorts of games – as long as they're Japanese tactical historical action-oriented affairs – has today announced Warriors Orochi, which is already out for Xbox 360 and PS2, is coming to PSP.

On the handheld it's sounding like a fairly straightforward port and Koei promises even the massive seamless battlefields of the home console versions and all 79 of the playable characters will make the transition intact.

Warriors Orochi brings together characters from two of Koei's biggest franchises – Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors – and the game's four 'crossover' storylines apparently include some long-awaited confrontations between the stars of both.

A new Team Battle system enables players to create three-person tag teams, so at any time one warrior can be fighting and the rest getting their breath back while life meters are restoring. Meanwhile, the new Weapon Fusion system makes it possible to combine attributes from different weapons which – alongside being able to also combine different warriors – should make for plenty of experimentation if that's your thing.

Other than that, the PSP game will also feature two-player wireless co-op play.

It's out in the US on March 25th, although there's no word yet on a European release date.