Unreal PC steampunk cowboy shooter Warm Gun coming to iOS

Four characters for maximum carnage

Unreal PC steampunk cowboy shooter Warm Gun coming to iOS
| Warm Gun

Previously just in development for PC using the indie Unreal Development Kit, US studio Emotional Robots Inc. has announced Warm Gun is coming to iPhone and iPad.

It describes the release as being a direct port from the PC game; no doubt the quality of the graphics will be have to be toned down, but the first batch of screenshots look pretty nice.

Guns in them there hills

As for the gameplay, Warm Gun a freeform FPS, set in an apocalyptic futuristic steampunk cowboy world, in which you get to choose between one of four characters - The 49'er, the Blacksmith, The Shaman and The Preacher.

Each has three unique weapons - each of the type ranged, instant kill melee and grenade - and the action takes place across five maps, available in online and offline modes. Keeping you on your toes, these feature traps and special events such as the Air Raid, pick up stations and grenade depots.

You can get some idea of the level of promised graphics in the iPad screen below, although the gameplay videos are from the PC version. More information is available at the game's website.

Warm Gun is expected to be released for iOS this summer and for PC in the autumn.

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