3DS eShop gets Wario Land 2 and Theatrhythm DLC this Thursday

Plus: Zuma's Revenge, Flip the Core

3DS eShop gets Wario Land 2 and Theatrhythm DLC this Thursday
| Wario Land 2

Game Boy Color platformer Wario Land II is the star of the 3DS eShop update this week. The retro classic appears alongside a pair of DSiWare games and extra content for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy.

The GBC game stars Mario's nemesis Wario. Unlike the first Wario Land (which is already available on the eShop, for £3.60), Wario is invincible and only loses coins when hit by enemies.

It puts the focus on solving puzzles and finding exits. You'll also transform into different states (like zombie and fire Wario), and find hidden exists and endings. The Virtual Console game will cost £4.50.

Rhythm-action hit Theatrhythm Final Fantasy will get a bunch of extra songs to play along to. There's The Dalmasca Estersand from Final Fantasy XII, the dungeon music from FF2, the battle soundtrack from FF6, and Etro’s Champion from XIII-2. They're 90p each.

PopCap is putting out Zuma's Revenge for DSiWare (playable on DSi or 3DS), which has 60-odd levels of ball-matching fun. That's 800 points (£7.20), to you, sir.

There's also Flip the Core, a retro-style shooter with an interesting gimmick. At any time during a level you can flip the screen to see the action from a different angle - which might open up new pathways or secret passages. It's on DSiWare, and costs 200 points (£1.80).

You'll find this content on the 3DS eShop when it updates on Thursday, July 19th.