War Diary: Torpedo on the radar for mobile

Dive, dive, dive! (No, it's not the first post-World Cup mobile football game to realistically simulate Portugal's forwards)

War Diary: Torpedo on the radar for mobile

Unlikely as it sounds, life as a submarine commander in World War Two had a lot in common with that of a busy commuter today: submerged under the sea or in a claustrophobic subway carriage or a mile-long traffic jam, unable to contact the outside world due to thousands of tonnes of earth, water, or laws about not driving whilst phoning. Erm. And no Internet access?

Okay, life was very different as a submarine commander in World War Two, as you can find out for yourself in War Diary: Torpedo.

Recreating a naval campaign in the open waters of the Far East, War Diary: Torpedo puts you at the helm of a World War Two submarine, and takes you through the real events of the war, from the Fall of Burma to the surrender of Japan.

With its top-down map of the battle area and three-dimensional scope view, War Diary: Torpedo looks rather ambitious for a mobile game. It combines action, simulation and naval tactics – as a British skipper you'll sink ships, infiltrate minefields, spy on hostile ports and extract commandoes from jungle-fringed shorelines.

Multiple escort types, advanced enemy AI, aircraft and minefields provide stiff opposition; a submarine can't really take on a warship in open battle, so cunning and stealth will be the order of business if you're not to end up with a mouth full of salty water.

Success, meanwhile, is rewarded with medals, promotions and assignments to more powerful submarines.

If War Diary: Torpedo can combine its complex presentation and wide scope with simple controls, it could well be worth a try when it surfaces on a mobile portal near you, later this month.