StreetPass Quest walkthrough: tips and hints on how to beat those ghosts and grab those hats

Over one hundred Play Coins spent to bring you all the best tips

StreetPass Quest walkthrough: tips and hints on how to beat those ghosts and grab those hats

Here at Pocket Gamer, we've been getting a serious amount of exercise recently thanks to a mini-game bundled with the Nintendo 3DS.

StreetPass Quest is a seemingly simple RPG that uses your Play Coins and StreetPasses as hero currency. Go for a short walk with your handheld and you can hire adventurers to kill monsters and eventually free your kidnapped Mii.

Yet while StreetPass Quest appears rather tame, there are plenty of hidden tactics that come into play. We've plugged over one hundred Play Coins into the game to bring you this detailed StreetPass Quest guide.

Want to know how to beat a specific ghost? Pondering what a certain hero colour does? Read on.

Hero colours, and when to use them

Each hero you hire has a different coloured shirt. This lets you know what type of magic that hero will be able to conjure up.

Certain magical powers are better than others, and can be used in conjunction with other hero powers for maximum damage. Here's when and where to use each type.

Brown magic: Summons another random warrior to take his place. This can be useful if he's a level 1 hero - by summoning a different adventurer, you may well get a level 2 hero instead, or someone with a useful magic power. White magic: Brings light to the darkness. This is not useful for most of the game, up until the second to last room, where you'll be engulfed in darkness and unable to see. Best to simply use the sword with this hero. Light-green magic: Puts enemies to sleep. This allows the next hero along to fire off an extra attack or two, depending on how long the enemy stays asleep. Orange magic: Invigorates heroes - essentially, the rest of your heroes will receive an extra (fourth) attack. Since it applies to all heroes, it's best to use this power as early as possible to affect the most heroes. Pink magic: Makes your heroes feel daring, and makes critical hits more likely. Again, best to use this early on so that it applies to as many heroes as possible. Yellow magic: Whips up a sandstorm. Probably the most useless power since, while it can stop enemies from attacking a couple of times, it makes it more difficult for your heroes to hit. Best to just use the sword for this hero. Dark-green magic: Strengthens the next hero, doubling their level. Hence, if the next hero is level two, he'll now be level four. In other words, make sure a level two adventurer is up next! Blue magic: Attacks with water. Great against red enemies (e.g., blood ghosts) but no effect against blue enemies. Red magic: Attacks with fire. The opposite of blue magic - great against blue enemies, no effect against red enemies. Purple magic: Poisons enemy. Once poisoned, an enemy will lose one health point for every hero that attacks, so best to use this one as early as possible. Black magic: Darkens the room. As with the yellow magic, this is both good and bad, as it makes it harder for the enemy to hit you, but also makes it difficult for you to hit them! Light-blue magic: Freezes enemies. Basically the same as putting them to sleep - you'll get a couple of extra attacks into after using your sword, but they'll quickly thaw out of the ice. Ghosts, Demons and Fiends

There's a number of different enemies to plough your way through, and each requires a different tactic.

Stuck on a particularly difficult baddie? Here's how to destroy each type.

Ghost: These regular enemies can be hit by any enemy and any offensive magic. Easy to kill - just lay into them. Blue ghost: These guys are slightly larger and more powerful than the regular ghost, but have a weakness. Attack with a red hero's magic and send them packing quickly. Blood ghost: Opposite of the blue ghost. Use a blue hero's water magic to kill them off swiftly. Armoured ghost: These guys can't be damaged by level one heroes - hence, you'll need to either strengthen a level one hero with magic, or use their own magic on someone else. Pink and dark green heroes are useful here. Armoured demon: Even stronger than the armoured ghost, as level two heroes will only do one damage with each strike. There isn't really any better tactic to use here - again, use pink and dark green heroes well. Armoured fiend: Yet another armoured enemy, this time with even more health. You'll spend a frustrating amount of time laying into this guy before he dies. Ultimate ghost: Pretty much a regular ghost with a stupid amount of health. Just keep slashing and slashing, and eventually he'll go down, and you'll be victorious. Quest tactics

If you barge in using magic and attacking randomly, you most likely won't get very far.

We've experimented using different magic types with attacks, and can now blast through the quest with ease. Follow our tips and you'll reach the end in no time.

Buy a full team before starting play. It might be tempting to walk 200 steps, use your Play Coin to buy one hero, use him, then repeat.

Don't! Get all five heroes into the battle at the same time and you'll have far more tactical options available. If you can get more than five via StreetPasses, do so - that's even better.

Note the effects that carry over from each session. Damage given to enemies is permanent and will still be there tomorrow. Magic, however, doesn't carry over. Keep this in mind when using magic, especially with your final hero.

After using magic, a hero will turn around and leave. The idea is that you use combinations of heroes to do the greatest damage.

For example, if you use a hero to put the enemy to sleep and then use the second hero to strengthen the third hero, your third will be able to do some serious damage.

Note that you can send heroes to the back of the queue as many times as you want. Hence, when you first begin with a new set of heroes, go through each one by one, checking their levels and powers.

Write down each on a piece of paper (or remember in your head), and work out the best order for using them. There's no rush, so take your time for maximum damage.

Some enemies will have shields. To break these, you need to use a similar coloured hero. For example, a yellow hero will break a yellow shield.

Grab those hats

In every other room you'll receive a Mii hat for your troubles. The hats can be worn by your Mii character, so your friends will be able to see just how cool you really are.

GamesRadar has compiled this handy list of hat designs, complete with pictures. Spoilers ahoy, of course - if you'd rather not spoil the surprise, avert your eyes now!