PS Remote Play: A few tips for playing on iOS and Android

PS Remote Play: A few tips for playing on iOS and Android

Two gaming worlds in one with PS Remote Play

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PS Remote Play has become a quietly popular way for PlayStation gamers to play their favourite games on the go, whether it be PS3, PS4, or even PS5 games. It first became an option when the PSP portable consoles released, but it wasn't as big of a hit.

Later on, when the PS Vita released, the Remote Play feature improved and garnered more attention. Prior to that, the feature was limited to certain games. Then, on Vita, it allowed you to play virtually any PS4 game as long as you had a wi-fi connection.

The Remote Play feature has since expanded beyond PlayStation portables to iOS and Android devices via the app that is available. Yup, so you'll be able to play PS4 and PS5 games right on your mobile device, truly expanding the world of mobile gaming. But, if you've never tried Remote Play, here are a few things to keep in mind.

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Turn Your Phone to The Side

PS Remote Play tips

PS Remote Play is very interesting in that, it gives you PlayStation controller commands on-screen, so you can really replicate the experience on your mobile device. What's interesting too is that you can give yourself a couple of views on your screen.

The one you might notice right away is where you'll see a small screen on the top of your mobile showing your gameplay. You'll then see an area below that, dedicated to the buttons you can press. It's a pretty cool perspective that will remind you of the Gameboy days a little.

However, if you think the screen is too small in that position, hold your phone sideways so you'll get a much bigger view. The buttons will be displayed on your screen when you touch it, so the prompts aren't in your way. If you're using an iPad or tablet, you'll probably be fine with either camera choice.

Connect Your Controller

Recently added, PS Remote Play will now allow you to use your DualSense controller when playing. This is pretty cool if you're on the go and want a traditional console feel while being mobile. Or, maybe you don't want to play on the TV and just want to play on a smaller screen during certain times of the day or night.

As mentioned earlier, the new controller is quite impressive. So, you'll be giving yourself a unique perspective, playing on your mobile device. Plus, it might make things a little easier for you if you aren't quite comfortable with Remote Play's on-screen controls.

Mobile gaming is already incredibly massive and versatile. The PS Remote Play app adds to that versatility, especially when using the DualSense. In order to use the controller, you will need to connect your mobile device to it via Bluetooth. So, whether you have a phone, tablet, or iPad, there should be a Bluetooth option in the settings, which will let the device detect wireless accessories.

Use Some Headphones

This is just a tip simply for fun, but if you want an immersive Remote Play experience, then definitely try and plug in some headphones. If you're someone who greatly enjoys mobile gaming, then you more than likely already use headphones.

Sound and music is an incredibly important aspect of any game. Listening to things heightens our senses compared to seeing things. Visuals are important too, but in order to help bring any stunning visual moment to life, some good audio will take it to the next level.

So, when playing Remote Play with headphones, you'll be able to dive deeper into the sounds of your favourite PlayStation games. Even if you have a great TV with great stereo sounds, you might appreciate the extra immersion in wearing some earbuds or over-the-head headphones during your unique mobile gaming experience.

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