Virtua Fighter coming to mobile phones in Europe

Glu to release beat-'em-up legend this summer

Virtua Fighter coming to mobile phones in Europe

Virtua Fighter is coming to mobile in Europe, courtesy of Glu Mobile.

The game is due out in June, according to a roadmap published in industry magazine Mobile Entertainment.

It's not a huge surprise, given that Glu has a partnership with Sega to bring the latter's console brands to mobile.

This is presumably a Java game for western handsets, rather than the version that was announced last month for FOMA 950i phones in Japan.

It's undoubtedly one of the biggest and most respected beat-'em-up brands in the world. But there are two main questions about Virtua Fighter Mobile. First, can it work on a mobile? By which we mean the fluid 3D animation and the controls specifically.

And second, will the hardcore fans of Virtua Fighter turn up their noses at a mobile version? It's a tough sell, although Glu at least has experience of targeting such a picky console audience with Pro Evolution Soccer.

We'll bring you a hands-on preview as soon as we can, so click 'Track It!' for an alert whenever we cover Virtua Fighter Mobile.