App Army Assemble: Vikings: An Archer's Journey - Angry Birds meets Alto's Adventure

Though without the snowboard. Or llamas

App Army Assemble: Vikings: An Archer's Journey - Angry Birds meets Alto's Adventure

Vikings: An Archer's Journey rolls two popular iOS and Android games into one, in a bid to make the ultimate mobile game ever. Probably.

And those games are Angry Birds, as seen in the archery gameplay, and Alto's Adventure. It borrows heavily from the gorgeous landscapes, endless running, and combos found in the latter.

The result is pretty good, if not perfect. We gave it a Bronze Award at review, and said: "Conceptually and artistically superb, Vikings: An Archer's Journey is an arrow that lands just shy of excellence".

But don't just take our word for it. Our community in the App Army also wanted to have its say, and here are their thoughts.

Tom Clark

I found the controls a bit sensitive so it was difficult aiming. I've never killed more than two monsters in one go. The graphics are great though.

Ed Davis

It's a bit too slow paced for my liking and the controls feel a little clunky. It also feels like the arrows are flying slightly higher than where I aim them.

Kainen Ryan

It's nice but a little slow, and needs a bit more to it to hook me. For short plays it's fun but you likely won't stick around for long.

Wesley Tee

It's a bit slow for my liking, and it's hard to aim your bow at first. The visuals are great though, and it's better than most mainstream runners.

Andy King

This is an interesting take on the endless runner. At first, I couldn't quite get used to the control scheme but it clicked eventually. There's a lovely art style - I like the Viking theme.

Laura Egri

This is perfect to play when you just want to relax and waste some time. It's not particularly innovative but you can play it at your own pace, and the scenery is nice and zen. The controls aren't great but that's the only downside.

Aaron Burdett

As endless runners go, this is one of the better ones. It's very well designed. I love the art style and simplistic gameplay It feels good getting out of tight spots and earning combos later in the game. This is one for the commute.

Quincy Jones

I'm not a big fan of endless runners because there's no real point in playing aside from getting a high score. When I learned that you actually have a quest in this game - to find your wolf companion - I dared to hope. I was wrong.

It's not bad as far as runners go. The frozen world is beautiful, the enemies are varied, and the control scheme is interesting - if a bit cumbersome.

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Chris James
Chris James
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