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App Army Needs YOU
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You - yes you, with the face! Would you like to have a much louder voice on Pocket Gamer, and gain free iOS and Android games or early access to them in the process?

Well, why not join the App Army - Pocket Gamer's staunch community of mobile gaming experts.

How do I enlist?

Enlisting is easier than cake. Simply head on over to the Facebook page, and request to join. We'll then add you as quickly as we're able.

Why should I join?

Once you're in, we'll offer you codes or TestFlight access to a bunch of hot upcoming games on a weekly basis. All we ask in return is that you provide us with your thoughts so we can prepare a nice article like this on launch day.

We'll also occasionally request your comments on interesting subjects, rumours, or announcements in posts like this.

Aside from this, we also host regular tournaments, multiplayer evenings, and giveaways on Mobcrush - as well as run guilds for the biggest games so we can all play together.

So if you like the sound of free games or early access to them on a weekly basis, having a greater voice on Pocket Gamer, a space to chill and chat with likeminded fellows, and regular events around your favourite mobile games, join the App Army now.

Chris James
Chris James
A footy game fanatic and experienced editor of numerous computing and game titles, lively Chris is up for anything - including running Steel Media! (Madman!)