Veritas, the Myst-inspired adventure puzzler, creeps onto iOS and Android today

Inventive puzzling in a nightmare setting

Veritas, the Myst-inspired adventure puzzler, creeps onto iOS and Android today
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Creepy, isolated science facilities – whether situated on land, in space, or at the bottom of the sea – are among my favourite video game settings, especially when they're as creepy and foreboding as Veritas'.

If you missed our coverage of it from back in October of last year, Veritas is developer Glitch Games' spiritual successor to its earlier Forever Lost series. It's an adventure game with a hefty serving of inventive puzzles on the side.

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This time around, you'll find yourself waking up in a strange cell with no memory of the recent events leading up to that moment. Then of course you make the fatal mistake of leaving your cosy home to explore and uncover the truth behind the facility and your being there. Bad idea.

Thankfully, you'll have a device known as a 'Glitch Camera' to help you keep on top of info, solve puzzles, and gradually piece together the troubling mystery. Anything and everything within the facility could in some way be crucial to your investigation, so be sure to take pics of random posters and any particularly expressive bloodstains. You can also jot down notes on your photos to keep track of everything, which is sure to draw out your inner hardboiled detective.

The puzzles here range from traditional adventure game inventory-based fun to pun-heavy conundrums. They're all said to move the story along in interesting ways; "you'll find no pointless filler here – just regular purpose-made filler".

Adding to the atmosphere is composer Richard J. Moir's uneasy soundtrack. Apparently, "it's so good you won't mind listening to it, on repeat, forever, while you're trapped". High praise indeed.

Veritas definitely looks like a good time for fans of the genre or those starved of a quality Myst-like. You'll find it available for purchase now from both the App Store and Google Play.

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