Vault of the Void is a solo-developed deck builder coming to mobile with full PC crossplay

An impressive achievement no doubt

Vault of the Void is a solo-developed deck builder coming to mobile with full PC crossplay
  • Vault of the Void is an upcoming, solo-developed deck-builder
  • Having sold over 100,000 copies, it's now coming to mobile with full crossplay
  • Four unique classes, hundreds of cards, and ninety monsters await you

The deck-building genre is one that is popular but still has a lot of potential. Sadly it seems set to be dominated by games like Hearthstone and the occasional newcomer like Warhammer 40,000: Warpforge. That's why we're always happy to report on new indie entries, like today's subject, Vault of the Void.

An indie deck builder developed solo, it's already been a modest hit on PC with over 100,000 copies sold, and now it's making its way to mobile. Set to debut with full PC crossplay, letting you take your progression anywhere you want, Vault of the Void bills itself as a low RNG, roguelike, single-player deck builder.

Check out the trailer for Vault of the Void below!

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At launch, you'll be able to choose from four unique classes, 440 unique cards, and face off against over 90 fearsome monsters. All this with innovative gameplay mechanics and a wealth of great-looking card art really caught our eye.

Vault of the Void launches for iOS and Android on June 22nd.

Indie for mobile

It may just be our imagination, but it seems we've had a recent influx of indie games on mobile. And no wonder, with AAA titles like Resident Evil now seeing the potential in becoming available to a wider audience, suddenly it seems as if we're getting more recognition of the value that gaming on your phone has in opening up a wider audience.

It's definitely just another great addition to an already stacked year for mobile. Why not take a look at our extensive list of the best mobile games of 2024 (so far) to get you started on all the great games currently available?

Or if you're looking for another indie deck builder to tide you over before Vault of the Void launches for mobile on June 22nd, why not check out our review of the much chillier Wildfrost to see if it'd suit you as a warm-up?

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Iwan Morris
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