Vanguard ZERO celebrates its first anniversary with a lot of new events and rewards

Vanguard ZERO celebrates its first anniversary with a lot of new events and rewards
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Vanguard Zero has now been available on iOS and Android for one year. To mark this milestone and to celebrate the anniversary there will be a number of in-game events starting from the 9th of April and will continue throughout the month.

Details of the upcoming events:

Anniversary Gacha Aichi & Kai

Celebrate the anniversary with beautiful banners. During the event players will have a chance to get 2 special gacha banners, “Anniversary Gacha Aichi” and “Anniversary Gacha Kai” will be available. Also, they can gain selected cards from various clans to participate in the 2 gacha machines. These cards can be collected by daily login tasks and events.

New User and Comeback Campaign

If you are a new or returning user you can collect 50 Gacha Ticket. During the event, the game will focus on speeding up the deck-building process. Don’t forget to use those Gacha Tickets on any gacha banners of your choice to craft your favourite deck.

Anniversary Medal Campaign

Earn honorary Anniversary Medals if you participate in any of the events during the Anniversary celebrations. Also, these medals are exchangeable for RR and RRR cards which will enable you to complete your deck during this campaign period.

Event Clan Gachas

During the anniversary celebrations take part in special gachas for past Clan events. Rewards such as 2 gacha banners, “Riot of Powers” and “Talents Unleashed” will be available. This event is a golden opportunity for the players to complete their deck by obtaining the missing cards

Friend Fight Week

The event is set to come during the first part of the event. Enrol yourself in those Special missions and get login bonuses containing Friend Fight Badges.

Rank Fight Week

Earn "Anniversary Charms" as a special login bonus, and exchange them for exclusive sleeves. The event starts right after Friend Fight Week. You can check out the in-game news for a detailed breakdown of the events.

Vanguard ZERO is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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