Vanguard ZERO adds five major in-game events in its latest Vanguard G series update

Vanguard ZERO adds five major in-game events in its latest Vanguard G series update

Bushiroad International's card battler on mobile is kicking things up a notch as Vanguard ZERO enters the “Vanguard G” series this season. Players can expect five major campaigns and tons of limited-time events to celebrate the milestone, along with a "New & Returning Player Welcome Login Bonus" that will give away Generation Stride and other in-game goodies.

Vanguard ZERO's new campaigns include the "Welcome Vanguard G!! Daily Login Bonus", the "[Stride] together!" campaign, the "Entering Vanguard G! Special Login Bonus & Quest", the "Early Reading Campaign!", and the "New & Returning Players Welcome Login Bonus".

Meanwhile, the Vanguard ZERO Gacha Box “Generation Stride” will update the gacha system to let you score cards in a box format, which you can reset when you nab your coveted card. The box also contains cards for the new clan, "Gear Chronicle", as well as new cards from Royal Paladin and Kagero.

Other updates include “Card Capital two” from the Vanguard G series, where you can pick your preferred Home screen and position your fave characters to prettify your Fight, Shop, and Card screens. You can also customize the background as you please, or switch back to Card Capital one if it's more your cup of tea.

You can expect to see Grade 0 Trigger units, new crafting materials, and so much more in the latest update, so if you're eager to experience all of the festivities yourself, you can download Vanguard ZERO on the iOS App Store or on the Google Play Store for Android. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. You can also have a look at the game's official event page to stay updated on all of the latest developments.

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