Three-time Vainglory EU Championship Final winners Team Secret on why they're number 1

Taking all the glory

Three-time Vainglory EU Championship Final winners Team Secret on why they're number 1
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Firmly establishing themselves as the best Vainglory team in Europe, Team Secret have won their third championship final.

It didn't seem too hard for them either, as they lost just one match in the whole tournament.

We sat down with the three main members – KValafar, Mowglie, and Palmotoro – just after their third championship final win to find out why they are so unstoppable.

PocketGamer: So you've won again, for the third time in a row. How does that feel?

KValafar: Amazing!

You seem to have just walked in and won the whole thing with ease.

Mowglie: It just proves that everything we did, every day, was worth it. We enjoy the game, we enjoy the competition, and the fact that we're still first means we know what we're doing.

KValafar: We also want to thank Majestic for his help in this season. We won the second qualifier with him, and we're the first seed, so props to him as well.

What is it exactly that makes you better than everyone else?

KValafar: I think every one of us has amazing individual skill, but we all trust each other.

We have our differences - just like other teams - but it's our capability to put those differences aside, and work together as a team, as a group… work as one.

I trust [Mowglie] to do his role, he trusts me to do mine, we trust [Palmotoro] to do his role, and you put all that together… it's like a masterpiece.

Mowglie: When a teamfight is coming, we already know what's going to happen. Whether we're winning or losing, we know what's going on.

Since people don't surprise us by doing something we didn't predict, we just win the teamfight.

Palmotoro: In the semi-final against G2 [Kinguin], we actually knew we were gonna play this comp, and they were gonna play that comp. We predicted it exactly.

Are you planning on coming back and making it four in a row?

KValafar: For now we're just going to enjoy everything that comes out of this, but we're definitely thinking about the future, starting tomorrow.

Mowglie: I'm waiting at the moment for someone who can replace us.

I'll be happy if someone manages to beat us, because I know we'll be like, "OK, we need to beat them again! We need to be number one again!"

KValafar: But our strength is that even if we win everything, we never behave like we're at the top.

We always play equal to equal, we never underestimate them. We don't ever think we're going to win, we just play the game.

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