Urban Trials for PS Vita hoping to outfox RedLynx's Xbox effort

Tuesday night

Urban Trials for PS Vita hoping to outfox RedLynx's Xbox effort

It looks like Trials Evolution, it sounds like Trials Evolution, it possible even smells like Trials Evolution (burning rubber, I'd imagine), but Tate Interactive's Urban Trials, heading to the PS Vita at a date "TBD", is not related to RedLynx's motocross opus.

From a legal standpoint, at least, for it pretty much is in every other way.

As with the current king of Xbox Live Arcade, Urban Trials sees you saddle up on a motocross bike and tackle obstacle-strewn courses in a 2.5D environment.

Balancing your bike to take ramps and other items efficiently (and without falling off) is the key, with friends' leaderboard times offering up a carrot for repeat punishment. There's also the option to share pictures taken in game, if you're so inclined.

20 levels and three bike types are promised in Urban Trials, as well as "advanced physics" that should show off your rider being horribly maimed in bone-crunching detail.

Yes, okay, it sounds pretty much exactly the same game as Trials HD / Evolution, but that's not available on Vita, so stop mumbling under your breath.

Will Wilson
Will Wilson
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