New stunt biker Urban Trial Freestyle does what Trials don't on iOS

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New stunt biker Urban Trial Freestyle does what Trials don't on iOS
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If RedLynx's Trials: Frontier didn't scratch your stunt-bike itch on mobile, then you might want to check out gritty knock-off Urban Trial Freestyle.

The idea is very much the same: you guide a motorbike over a lumpy bumpy obstacle course by nursing the throttle and shifting the weight of your biker bloke back and forth.

There are times to beat, ghosts to race, and high scores to be earned by pulling off stunts and finishing mini objectives. You can also pop into the garage and upgrade your bike with new bits.

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And if you finish the singleplayer campaign, you go all DIY and build your own tracks in the level maker. You can then share your creations (aka terrifying death traps) with other players in an online archive.

The game previously appeared on Vita, where we gave it a respectable Bronze Award and said "clearly inspired by Trials HD, Urban Trial Freestyle doesn't do enough to make it memorable, but the physics-racing is nevertheless fun, while it lasts."

We'll have a review of this new iOS adaptation soon, but you can see it for yourself in this free demo, or in the video above from our pals at AppSpy. The full game costs £1.49 / $1.99 and has no in-app purchases.

Mark Brown
Mark Brown
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